Must-Have Travel Essentials For Your Baby
Although they need a lot of things, travelling light is also possible. To avoid overpacking, we’ve rounded up travel essentials to add to your list every time you travel with your little one.
Tips To Encourage Self-Care And Independence At Home
Nurturing a child’s independence can have a positive impact on their overall development. Whether it be tidying up their personal belongings, brushing their teeth, or dressing up in their growing kid’s clothes, there’s a right way for you to encourage their self-reliance day after day.
The Benefits Of Swim Nappies
Your family’s all set for your first trip again in a while, and it seems like you have everything packed for your baby - baby clothes, supplies, and toys. You’re excited as this will be their first time swimming. Is there something you’re missing?
How To Make Long Drives More Comfortable For Your Kids

Everyone has their travel bucket list. Seeing local wonders and escaping to new destinations is something we all crave in this day and age. Travelling by car is an epic journey one can take easily as a single person. However, long drives become a dreaded activity once you become a parent.

Why You Should Get Baby Onesies

As the baby’s due date draws near, expecting parents and their immediate families also get more excited. Mums, specifically, are ecstatic in planning their little bub’s wardrobe and other needs. Of course, this will include their first   baby clothes.

Outfit Picks For Your Baby Boy By OSFK

Are you the kind of parent who looks forward to dressing up their kids for the occasion? More often than not, while they’re young, we try to exercise control on how our kids dress up. Because let’s be honest: kids usually don’t have a sense of style and, well, aren’t aware of fashion trends. 

Kids' Top Outfit Picks On OSFK

At   Outlet Shop for Kids, we understand how difficult it is to balance it all. It’s a challenge to find quality children’s clothing at an affordable price that our kids will also love. This is why we partnered with several trusted Australian clothing brands and products to help parents alike. 

Best Gifts For New Moms This Mother's Day

Trying to figure out a gift for a new or soon-to-be mum for Mother’s Day? It can be a bit tricky to decide on what to give. You’re most likely considering buying her a present for their upcoming bundle of joy. 

Outfit Picks For Your Baby Girl By OSFK
Dressing up your baby girl is a fun activity you both can enjoy, especially if it’s for a special occasion. You can help her put on stylish dresses, fix her hairstyle and choose accessories and shoes to match. 
Bonds Baby Wear To Get Your Hands On Them For Less
As parents, we only want what’s best for our children, baby clothes included. There are many emerging children’s clothing brands today. Thus, it has become difficult to decide what to get. 
Stylish Baby Clothing For Parents On A Budget
Your bubs grow fast in their first year to second year. They reach an average of 10 inches in length and at least triple their birth weight.
Baby Clothing Brands You Can Find On OSFK
Since it was established in 2011, Outlet Shop for Kids’ goal is to help mums and dads alike to find great clothing buys for their little bubs.
Tricks To Make Your Child’s Hat Stay On

Does your little one’s hat keep falling off? Or do they themselves remove it from their heads. Here are ways to ensure it stays on.

Advantages Of Using Wall Stickers For Your Kid’s Room
Here are the reasons why you should redecorate using wall stickers for your child’s bedroom instead of just regular paint! Check out the Living Textiles range today
The Benefits Of Using Baby Sleeping Bags
What good does a sleeping bag do for your little one? Read on to find out more about its wonderful benefits today.
Why Children Need Baby Socks

Baby socks are a must-have for your baby no matter what. Read here to find out why. Also check out our huge range in our bonds section!

Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals

Stuffed toys and stuffed animals are a must-have toy for your babies. Read more to find out why children love them and check out our tiger tribe range!

What Makes The Perfect Hair Accessory?

While there's lots of hair accessory options to choose from, it's important you choose the right ones for your child. Read up on what makes the perfect choice.

Reasons To Dress Up Your Pet
Check out these reasons why it would be nice to dress up your animal friend today with cute pet accessories and clothing.
What To Get For Mum And Dad
Even new mums and dads deserve the best gifts, especially those that can help raise their little one. Here are some gift ideas you can give them
How To Clean Your Child's Bath Toys

Get some tips for proper cleaning of your child’s bath toys, to make every bath time for them a happy and safe experience.