Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals

Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals

Stuffed toys, especially stuffed animals, are very popular among parents and babies alike. Alongside rag dolls and plushies, they are a common companion both during playtime and during bedtime. But did you know that aside from being cute friends for your baby, they also have a bunch of other benefits to your child? There are several reasons why your little ones love these stuffed animals so much. Read on to find out.


A soft source of comfort during stress

Soft toys can help in alleviating the worries of babies. It’s the perfect companion during stressful and unfamiliar situations. How does this happen? According to clinical psychologist Fairuz Gaibie, cuddling soft toys helps release the hormone oxytocin. Known as the calming hormone, this is great for when babies are feeling scared or having tantrums.


A way to stimulate the imagination

If you want your child to have a more creative and imaginative mindset, stuffed animals are definitely a must. Your kid can come up with different scenarios in their heads with the use of these stuffed toys resembling real-life animals. They can reenact a jungle battle, they can be invited to tea parties, they can be citizens of a town named after your child. The possibilities are endless.


A form of early interaction

In relation to the item above, stuffed animals help in the early social development of your child. More often, your little one is going to be talking to the stuffed toy when you or their siblings are too busy. They’ll tell these toys about their day and even the most mundane problems they have. These seemingly insignificant activities can help build their vocabulary and communication skills, which is ideal for their growth in the future.


A great toy across years to come

Lastly, stuffed animals can have value for the coming years even as your kid grows old. From babies to adolescents, and even to adults, these toys are timeless and can bring comfort no matter the situation. And even if your child eventually outgrows the toy, you can still pass it on your younger children, or they themselves can give it to their kids as a legacy item with sentimental value.


With these perks, it’s a recommendation that you buy stuffed animals and stuffed toys in general. Your little ones can reap tons of benefits from these soft companions, and they can last up to the coming generations as a sign of love and care for the family.

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