Tips To Encourage Self-Care And Independence At Home

Tips To Encourage Self-Care And Independence At Home

It’s a challenging task for any parent to raise a toddler once the word ‘No!’ becomes a daily response in the household. According to experts, once a child’s thinking capacity and motor skills become more developed, the more the desire to be independent grows.

Nurturing a child’s independence can have a positive impact on their overall development. Whether it be tidying up their personal belongings, brushing their teeth, or dressing up in their growing kid’s clothes, there’s a right way for you to encourage their self-reliance day after day.

Let them do things on their own 

Be patient enough to wait for them until they’re done doing a task instead of taking over. Consider that they are still figuring out how to wash their hands or tie their shoes. Doing these small tasks may take them a bit more time.

You can assign small chores they are able to do on their own. This can be as simple as putting back toys in their storage after play. This can also be a great way to engage and interact with your child while doing your own chores. For example, if you’re doing your laundry, you can allow them to sort the pile of clothes.

Allow them be curious

Being curious and taking safe risks is something you should teach a child early on. Create a secure and toddler-proof home for them to be free in their daily explorations around the house. Trying something new will boost their self-confidence.


Give them choices

One way to teach toddlers proper decision-making is by starting out small. Instead of asking what they want, provide a few options. This can be what to eat during mealtimes, what book to read at bedtime, or which outfit to wear for the day.

Raising children is certainly not an easy feat, and it requires a whole lot of effort and patience to foster independence at a young age. Yet, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your child take on small tasks, whether dressing up in their toddler’s clothing or putting away their toys after play.

With the right amount of love and respect, you and your child can build a lasting and cooperative relationship in this crucial stage of development.

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