Why You Should Get Baby Onesies

Why You Should Get Baby Onesies

As the baby’s due date draws near, expecting parents and their immediate families also get more excited. Mums, specifically, are ecstatic in planning their little bub’s wardrobe and other needs. Of course, this will include their first  baby clothes.

While it’s always good to be prepared, there is such a thing as going overboard. New mums are often filled with emotions. Thus, they tend to buy too much stuff, which can most likely end up unused. 

Every baby grows different. Still, considering the baby growth standards, newborns don’t need an extensive wardrobe for their first few weeks. This is one of the reasons why bodysuits or onesies have become a baby clothing staple. 


Onesies are one of the most handy baby apparels. From its name alone, it’s a one piece clothing, often mistaken as a pyjama. While it does have certain similarities, onesies are usually lightweight and can be worn either at day time or night time, depending on its fabric. There are some bodysuits or onesies made specifically for sleeping.

Check out this Bonds short sleeved bodysuit made from stretchy and durable cotton fabric. It has quick-press studs at the crotch for convenience. This is one of the notable features of most bodysuits and onesies. Aside from ensuring comfort and warmth for babies, they have snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changing for new mums and dads.


Considering this will be only one of the few clothings you’d need for your little bub, imagine the savings you’ll incur. And to help you manage your budget more, Outlet Shop for Kids has a wide selection of affordable onesies from various trusted Australian brands. There are even onesie 2-in-1 packs with its price slashed to half!

Get your little guy this adorable long sleeve Sleep Thief onesie from Minifin for only $13.50 AUD. Minifin is one of the brands Aussie mums love. They offer a range of great quality baby and kidswear. For this onesie, parents can pair it up with either pants or shorts, great for everyday wear.

Different styles

Who says bodysuits and onesies come in just one style? From short sleeves to long sleeves and shorts to pants, choose from various designs and patterns at Outlet Shop for Kids. We house brands like Bonds and Indigo & Lellow that continue to strive to address baby clothing needs of Aussie mums and dads.

Sapling Child has this organic romper priced affordably at $22.17 AUD. It’s made from the brand’s signature super-soft organic cotton for a snug and comfortable fit. Compared to usual onesies, this one has an envelope style neck for easier over-the-head changing of clothes.

New mums and dads will take on many challenges and make several adjustments once their babies arrive. This includes deciding on what clothes their little baby can wear. So instead of fussing for the quantity of clothes, focus on its quality and affordability. After all, at the end of the day, what really matters is our little one’s comfort and safety.

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