How To Clean Your Child's Bath Toys

How To Clean Your Child's Bath Toys

For us parents, it is important to ease our child during baths. This is to get them used to the sensation of water while getting cleaned up. And one way to make our bubba more comfortable, is by providing them with fun bath toys like the Tiger Tribe Bath Garden of spring flowers. This would be entertaining enough to make every bath a happy time for them.


But what do we do when these toys get dirty and start to gather mould? To help you out, here are the things you should know about cleaning your child’s bath toys:


The importance of cleaning bath toys

It is essential to make sure that everything our little one touches (or might put into their mouths) is squeaky clean! Even though bath toys are typically used in the presence of water and soap, it is still possible for these items to get dirty (or even harmful) over time. More specifically, your kid’s favourite bath toy could actually be a breeding ground for mould or bacteria when not cleaned properly.


Tips in cleaning your child’s bath toys

Start by collecting your bubba’s bath toys in one place. Normally, you may use any soap or dishwashing liquid of your preference. For fabric toys, you could easily put most of them in the washing machine. As for plastic or wooden toys, you may opt to soak them in a vinegar and hot water solution first to dissolve any stubborn dirt. Cleaning bath toys with bleach can also be an option for you, but don’t forget to wear plastic gloves for protection.


When washing the toys, scrub every part thoroughly and rinse them well. Keep in mind to squeeze out as much water as you can from these items to prevent mould from growing on the inside. Afterwards, store them in a cool, dry place until they would be of use again.


In the end, we just want the best for our child’s health. Clean your kid’s toys regularly, so you can be confident that every bath time for them would remain both a wonderful and safe experience.

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