Bonds Baby Wear To Get Your Hands On Them For Less

Bonds Baby Wear To Get Your Hands On Them For Less

As parents, we only want what’s best for our children, baby clothes included. There are many emerging children’s clothing brands today. Thus, it has become difficult to decide what to get. Common mistakes parents make when buying baby clothes are depending on pricing, prioritising styles and shopping at unreliable sites.

At Outlet Shop for Kids, we house numerous trusted Australian children clothing brands like Purebaby, Bubba Blue and Plum. We offer quality baby apparel at affordable prices, making us a great partner in your kid’s growth journey.

A clothing company worth mentioning is Australia’s well-loved brand Bonds. While it is renowned for its wide collection of underwear and fashion wears, it has also continued to provide its patrons with quality baby clothes since 1915. 

Here are stylish but cheap baby clothes from Bonds you can shop for at Outlet Shop for Kids:

This cute wondersuit


This pale pink onesie is made from Bonds’ Tech fabric, which is lightweight. It’s comfy and practical design makes it a must-have for parents on-the-go. Aside from it’s easy to put on, it’s zipper allows you to take it off hassle-free. It also comes in other colors!

A summer sleeping bag

Summer sleeping bag

Lightweight, cool, and well fitting, this Bonds baby sleeping bag is essential to keep your little bubs happy and cosy during hot weather. Its zipper two way safety design secures your baby’s skin from getting snagged. It’s also helpful and practical for quick nappy changes. This item comes in many other styles you can pick from.

The perfect overall


Your baby’s closet won’t be complete without a Bonds overall. Aside from being stylish, this outfit is made from super soft cord fabric, allowing your little one to move easily and freely. It’s also easy to pair and accessorise because of its neutral color.

A flowery dress

Flowery Dress

On the lookout for clothes for special occasions? Splurging for tiny gowns isn’t practical at all. As babies grow fast, it’s always better to invest in clothes they can use more than once. Besides, imagine handling a nappy emergency while your baby is wearing a gown!

Opt for an adorable flowy dress like this Bonds ballet suit instead! It has a stretchy fabric, a bodysuit, and studs to allow easy changes for your baby’s sudden number 2s.

A GOTS certified outfit

GOTS certified clothing

Bonds Baby has a collection Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified clothing. This means, its production has gone through strict screening and processing to ensure sustainable and responsible manufacturing. 

This leggings in tender pink is one of those GOTS certified items. The materials used to produce it is elastane and organic cotton, which is one of the most popular hypoallergenic fabrics used for baby apparel.

An essentials set

Essential Sets

New moms can now worry less with this essential baby clothing set from Bonds. Produced from soft pointelle rib fabric, it includes a cosysuit, singlet, leggings, beanie, bib and wrap. It’s made snug and safe to make sure your baby’s skin is safe, making it the perfect choice for your baby’s coming-home outfit (no matter the gender).

Interested in shopping Bonds? Head on to Outlet Shop for Kids for cheap prices for quality items.

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