Outfit Picks For Your Baby Girl By OSFK

Outfit Picks For Your Baby Girl By OSFK

Outfit Picks For Your Baby Girl By OSFK

Dressing up your baby girl is a fun activity you both can enjoy, especially if it’s for a special occasion. You can help her put on stylish dresses, fix her hairstyle and choose accessories and shoes to match. Still, there are challenges that you may encounter when dressing up your little doll. Thus, there are things you must always consider. 

The first one is comfort. While there are many brands offering cute and adorable   baby clothes, it’s important to choose an outfit that is comfortable for your little girl. Check out the fabric and see if your baby’s skin may have a reaction to it. After all, babies, especially newborns, have such sensitive skin. 

Check out this two-piece cable knit sweater and pant set from Living Textiles. It’s made from 100% cotton knit, which is one of the most popular hypoallergenic fabrics for babies. 

Living Textiles

This outfit is perfect for everyday use because of its relaxed fit and soft waistbands, making sure your precious bub is kept warm and cozy at all times. It comes in other colors too! Apart from blush pink, you can get this pretty outfit in ivory and in merle gray. 

The next thing to watch out for when picking your baby’s outfit is their safety. Skip out on sequins, bows, and anything that can cause abrasions or be a choking hazard. Instead of these designs, opt for statement tees or something like this cute leggings from Anarkid Organic

Anarkid Organic


Your sweet angel can still look stylish and be safe with these unique statement pieces from Anarkid. The Melbourne-based company produces organic tees, which are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. GOTS certified clothes go through strict certification processes to ensure sustainable and quality organic products.

One more factor that parents should consider when choosing outfits is the sizing. It’s a must for us to ensure the clothes fit right and allows your baby girl to move freely. Besides, babies grow at a fast rate. For example, when buying coats like this a-line princess coat from Australian brand Purebaby, it’s always good to get a bigger size. By getting a bigger size, you also take into account its value and practicality.


Functionality is one more thing that can’t be overlooked. Depending on their age, your kid’s clothes must fit their daily activities. If your baby spends most of the day asleep, it’s good to buy an outfit that’s comfortable to sleep in. You can also pick something that’s easy to pair up with and accessorize. But most importantly, it’s good to dress them up with clothing that’s easy to put on and take out. Opt for clothes with snaps like this colorful Bonds frill bubble suit.

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