Best Gifts For New Moms This Mother's Day

Best Gifts For New Moms This Mother's Day

Trying to figure out a gift for a new or soon-to-be mum for Mother’s Day? It can be a bit tricky to decide on what to give. You’re most likely considering buying her a present for their upcoming bundle of joy. But truth be told, chances are, the expecting parents have already shopped more than enough for their baby. With this in mind, focusing on her instead of her new baby would show how much you appreciate her.

In spite of our brand name, Outlet Shop For Kids, we also carry several products mums can enjoy. Here are some gift ideas for your sister, bestfriend, co-worker, or any new mum you know:

Comfort and relaxation is very important for new mums. As they move on to another chapter of their life, it is great to have things that can promote confidence, self-love and self-care.

This Bonds Women’s Organics bra is just the gift for that. Made with organic cotton and stretch jacquard elastic, this lingeries is perfect for daily wear. It’s soft and comfy, ensuring a nice, cosy and supportive fit. This french rose colored set comes with matching undies for only $10.99 AUD. 

Every woman, including expecting and new mums, needs their own trusty little black dress or LBD. Something that is easy to wear, versatile for all occasions and affordable.

This Little Frenchy number is definitely one to consider. It is a wrap maternity dress, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit, no matter the trimester you are in. As a bonus, this type of dress is also perfect for nursing. Mums would surely be thrilled to get this as a present.



Another useful wrap around clothing mums love. Robes are something all women can agree on. Although it is typically used for after baths, it can have more uses than that.

Feeling a bit chillier than usual? Robes are used to provide warmth, whether on a cold morning or night. And for new mothers, this can also serve useful when nursing and for entertaining visitors. 

All 4 Ella offers this gorgeous mummy robe that is made from soft rayon fabric. It’s stretchy, allowing easy adjustment for their growing baby bump. For only $29.99 AUD, get this stripe robe along with a matching onesie and beanie for the baby! This also comes in other designs.

It is normal for new mums to encounter a challenge in keeping an active lifestyle with their baby bumps. Still, it is something to encourage them to do as long as it is approved by their doctors. Exercises, after all, can benefit a mum’s physical and mental health

Australian brand Bonds has a sports clothing range for women. This polyester shorts is just one of the many offerings the beloved brand has. Save as much as 40% when you buy this now at Outlet Shop for Kids.

Mums deserve to be celebrated each and every day. Their unconditional love and care is simply incomparable. They continuously make adjustments and sacrifices to ensure their children’s safety and well being is at the forefront. 

This Mother’s Day, make mums feel appreciated. Browse through Outlet Shop for Kids for affordable and wonderful gift ideas for new mums.

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