Tricks To Make Your Child’s Hat Stay On

Tricks To Make Your Child’s Hat Stay On

Hats are part of the many items filed under baby clothes that you can buy for your little one. But if you’d ever had to dress a toddler up for photoshoots and costumes with a hat involved, you know how easy it is for it to come flying off of your child’s head. Whether this be because of how rowdy they can be during playtime or because they themselves are removing it, it can be quite a hassle to handle. Especially during hot weather, they have to keep it on in order to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.


To ensure this doesn’t happen as much (or even at all), you may try the following tips:


Buy a hat with a strap

This is one of the easiest tips that can be given. With a chin strap, it will be much more difficult for the hat to be blown away during your child’s quite rigorous playtime routines. They’d also find it harder to take it off, which can result in just letting it be. Be careful to not let them hurt themselves with the strap, though.


Get creative with your hat rules

Aside from buying a more convenient hat, you should also lay creative ground rules to instill in your child a sense of fun and even necessity in wearing a hat. You can promise that if they don’t remove the hat, they can get a few extra treats or even a few more minutes of playtime. You can also make up a “hat-wearing game” where you yourself have to wear one so that they may follow your example. The possibilities are endless.


Make them wear a hat that they want to wear

Your little one may not have a super refined fashion sense as of yet, but they do have a basic idea of what they want to wear. Even though they can be quite fickle, letting them choose what hat they want to wear in the moment makes it less likely of them to take it off. It also keeps your kid happy as they are not forced to wear something they don’t want, showing off their own style instead.


Be patient and keeping putting it on them

Last but not the least, it’s all a matter of being patient. It’s not going to be an immediate change for them, and there will be times where they’ll throw away the hat regardless. Just keep calm and put it back on them many times. That way, they get used to it as it becomes a regular part of their wardrobe.


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