What Should I Put In My Baby Nappy Bag?

What Should I Put In My Baby Nappy Bag?

As hands-on parents, we can grow tired of going around our house when it’s time to change our baby’s nappy. You may know by now that your personal belongings should be separate from baby essentials, or it can get messy and confusing. This is why being organised is crucial to a more effective and efficient parenting. Investing in a nappy bag can save you a lot of time and effort in the long-run, so now is the time to start.


If you are wondering what to put in your nappy bag, take note of this checklist:


Baby change mat

A baby change mat is an important essential for a neat nappy-changing time! Choose a soft, comfy, and easily washable one for your convenience every time. Many foldable change mats are available in various designs and patterns. Some even have hook and loop fasteners for a more compact storage.


Reusable nappies

Of course, you will need more nappies in the mix! If you are still using regular disposable ones, consider switching to reusable nappies today. This way, you can save more money in the long-run while also being eco-friendly. Don’t forget to store some tissues, baby wipes, storage bags, and disinfectants for easier cleanup too.


Extra baby clothes

Your little one can go through lots of baby clothes easily, so having extras at hand is very practical. Depending if the weather is hot or cold, throw some suitable lightweight or cosy clothing in there. This can be onesies, tops, shorts, and leggings for quick and trouble-free access later.


Dummy and toys

As much as caring for and playing with your child is always a happy bonding time, it can get pretty tiring to match their energy after a while. Their favourite dummy or pacifier and a rag doll could keep your baby entertained for a bit, while you relax and regain your strength.


Baby food items

Depending on your baby’s age, needs, and preferences, you might want to store jars of baby food, finger foods, and the like in your nappy bag. Baby bibs and burp cloths are your must-haves to keep your baby’s outfits safe from dribbles, smudges, and other kinds of stains all day.


Overall, these are just the main essentials you will need inside a nappy bag. Given some time and experience, experiment and keep modifying your checklist as you go!

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