The Importance Of Playtime For Your Child

The Importance Of Playtime For Your Child

 Do you still remember any vivid and happy memory of you playing as a child? What about that favourite toy you just could not stay away from? But for children, there is something more magical with playing than just having fun. Experts advise that playtime is important during this young age or ‘age of reason’, as kids are beginning to differentiate right from wrong and gradually act with a purpose.


To make the most out of this, bring out your kid or baby’s play mat now and learn about the importance of a happy playtime:


Learning and development

Playing supports your child’s learning and development. Depending on the kind of activity they are doing, having a wonderful playtime session could boost their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, literacy, and numeracy development. This means including running, music, dancing, role plays, problem solving, language, or exploration in their daily adventures would greatly benefit your kid as they grow.


Building confidence

Your child can easily build confidence as they play, for it is when playing that they feel happy, safe, and loved. During unstructured or free play, children get to express themselves more and embrace their creativity and imagination at their own pace. On the other hand, playing with a structure or fixed time and directions helps familiarise kids with setting goals and accomplishing them triumphantly.


Overall wellbeing

According to an educational psychologist, lack of play can actually result in a child’s challenging behaviour and negative performances. This is why playing at an early age presents how having a fun and stress-free time should be part of their lives. This is the positive mindset they should bring along with them, so they could incorporate balance into their lives and stay physically, mentally, and emotionally sound.


Now that you know the benefits of a meaningful playtime, make sure to spend more time with your kids as well. Let your child make the most of every day, and allow them to experience the joys of being young as much as they can!

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