Tea Party With Your Kids Checklist

Tea Party With Your Kids Checklist

Let’s face it. No matter how much we could want to, our kids are not going to stay kids forever. This is why playing with them now is a great way to make more happy memories and stay young at heart. One of the best ideas you could go with, is by bringing out your child’s beautiful tea set and throwing the loveliest tea party in town!


And whether you are sending snazzy party invitations to other kids too or not, this checklist would ensure you a delightful time with your kid:


Prepare the tea and treats


Eating cakes, donuts, and ice cream sundaes, while drinking a delicious cup of tea is probably the most exciting part for many! Shop for your favourite treats beforehand, or start the bonding session earlier by preparing them on your own with your kids. If desired, look for yummy and healthy recipes online. Just make sure to keep tabs of everyone’s dietary requirements, so nothing about the food could ruin your mini celebration.


Set up the table and chairs

Decorating the table and preparing matching chairs is both joyful and therapeutic. You could dress up a small table with lace and flowers, along with pearls or other pretty decors available at home. A colourful rag doll or a bunch of soft plush toys could also make great additions to your child’s company. This is an opportunity for them to practice common social or tea party etiquette and initiate fun conversations.


Play with a complete tea set

Of course, having a gorgeous tea set is the star of the show! Have a wonderful time with your charming kid with a complete toy set. This may include a teapot with lid, cups, saucers, plates, and tray. In addition, you could also think of fun party games with prizes along the way. Isn’t it just the most adorable thing to see your child all smiles with some tea?


Even a simple celebration could already mean the world to your child. Plan well, dress up, and appreciate all the fun times you will both have with the best tea party in the making!

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