Playtime Ideas For Your Little One

Playtime Ideas For Your Little One

Playtime for your baby and kids are not just when they are on their play mat. This time can be scattered all throughout the day, from the moment they wake up until they sleep. And we, as parents, can make this experience a happy time, every time. Lots of toys and activities can be done solo and with us. In addition, playtime could be educational and good for their development stage.


To get creative, these are some playtime ideas and recommended toys for your little one:


Playtime at day

Playtime can start from the moment your little one opens their eyes. With a lovely plush toy or a colourful rag doll by their side, they would surely be all smiles as they start a bright day ahead. Your toddler could continue playing during their bath time too. A bath garden set consists of spring flower toys they could water for fun. This is a treat for them to enjoy the feel and sound of running water, and get comfier and more used to it.


Playtime in the afternoon

The afternoon could be the time when your baby would be out and about on their favourite play mat. If they are either sitting down or having a tummy time, toys with different colours and textures would help stimulate their minds and senses. Choose among a nice variety of baby rattles, activity mirrors, teethers, and hand puppets to keep things fresh. You may also opt for an easily attachable stroller toy, to keep your baby entertained if they are remaining stationary for a while.


Playtime in the evening

A great way to spend time and bond with your child is by reading them some dreamy bedtime stories at night. Baby and children’s books can spark their curiosity and imagination, while making them slowly drift off to dreamland. Additionally, cute musical mobiles produce soothing lullabies for your little one to enjoy a peaceful slumber. Aside from being warm and cosy, these toys can keep them in a positive mood for hours.


At the end of the day, playing is good for our children as we spend more time with them. We may not stay as kids forever, but we can always be young at heart.

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