Playing For Fun: The Best Educational Toys

Playing For Fun: The Best Educational Toys

Toys have come a long way from simpler, classic toys like a rag doll or a tea set. These days, we want more variety with the experiences our kid is having during their playtime. And you are right! There are so many amazing options online that would make early learning for your dearest so much fun and memorable.


So for you, we have listed some of the best educational toys from Outlet Shop for Kids you and your child can enjoy:


Tiger Tribe Honeycomb Creations - Solar System

Begin your toy shopping with this 3D fold out poster of the solar system! Delight your kids with the joys of familiarising themselves with the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies in this fun-filled activity. This includes glow-in-the-dark stickers and trivias that would be interesting for the parents or grandparents too!


Tiger Tribe Magna Fun - Dress Ups

This mini dress up puzzle is perfectly suited for tiny hands! Fit for imaginative children, they could easily mix and match 6 different classic costumes depending on their preferences. Creating their own combinations of these characters’ clothing would also let them realise what type of fashion style they are drawn to early on.


Tiger Tribe Neon Colouring Set - Road Stars

Filled with markers and stickers, this colouring set is an exciting and therapeutic play in one! Your child would have a great time surrounded with loads of colouring materials, as they make up wonderful stories in their heads. These scenarios could be about outer space, cars, or flying creatures!


Skip Hop Whale Ocean Pals Activity Toy

If your child prefers something interactive, this whale activity toy is the best! Aside from being soft and cuddly, this blue animal presents 8 different ways you can play it. There are also adorable surprises along the way, as your kid pulls out the whale’s tongue, interacts with its mirror on the side, and more!


Indigo Kids “Take A Triangle” by Britta Teckentrup

Take A Triangle” is a quality book filled with bright and bold illustrations. This is carefully designed by the author to be attractive and easily grasped by kids. This is something you could enjoy with your child. Otherwise, they could explore this one by themselves before bedtime or at any time of the day!


Take your time in choosing the best toys for your kids, for there are a lot of gems to go through! You will surely find something amazing here at our online store. Happy shopping!

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