Complete Kids & Baby Swimwear Look Checklist

Complete Kids & Baby Swimwear Look Checklist

Summer is finally here! The weather is going to be hotter than usual, and you will want to cool down a bit. But since going out might still be risky due to the pandemic, you may hold a fun swim time at home instead. Your little dears would appreciate a little soak, so it’s time to put that kiddie pool into the spotlight! Nevertheless, keep in mind that everyone’s safety must remain a priority.

Equip your children for a fun time today, with a complete set of kids and baby swimwear on this list:


Swim bag

Even if you are staying in, looking for swim essentials every now and then could ruin your fun. The more organised you are, the more time you will be allotting for worry-free swims! Have a swim bag for everything your kids may need including big towels, change of outfit, and other essentials below.


Swim nappy

Regular nappies for your baby just won’t do here! You will need a quality swim nappy with a water-resistant layer and leak-proof design for containing solids. There are brands that provide soft and lightweight fabrics too, so the nappy would not weigh down your little one.


Sun protection

Protect your angels from the sun with patio umbrellas, or your preferred sun cream brand with SPF 30 or higher. This cream must be applied 15 to 30 minutes beforehand. However, it is advisable to avoid sunscreen for babies younger than 6 months. So it’s either they can have it on exposed areas only, or they should just be under shade instead.


Floaties & swimming goggles

Including floaties for your baby’s buoyancy, and swimming goggles for your older kids’ eye protection is nice too! There are lots of well-designed goggles available out there, that could suit different face shapes, with adjustable straps and nose bridges for comfort.


Toys & Snacks

After all that water exercise, your kids may get hungry or bored. Bring their favourite snacks, play mat, and bath toys to maximise your mini-vacation experience. If your baby is not eating solids yet, make time to breastfeed them later once you are both dry and warm.

And there you go! After preparing everything for your baby boys and girls swimwear, you can now have fun all day while staying safe and secure!

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